SlabMattm The Smooth Alternative to Canvas!
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is manufactured by Herring Designs, LC for ceramic artists. SlabMat is the smoooooth alternative to canvas for rolling out slabs of clay. SlabMat is a proprietary non-woven material  used instead of canvas on all slab rollers. Smaller mats are avilable for HandBuilding clay slabs. For more information on SlabMat see: About SlabMat Products page. 

You can purchase
SlabMatTM from our secure shopping cart or by phone/email/FAX or from any of our authorized dealers.

NEW! February 2015
-- major changes to Pam Herring Gallery
Art galleries, wholesale and retail buyers
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NEW! -- More size choices added in 2014!

Full size SlabMats are now available in both 50" and the new 60" length.
We have added a new attractively priced Short Wide SlabMat - 44"x30" @ $25
We have added a new economy pack of a dozen 12"x14" HandBuilding Mats @ $40

All of the old sizes are still available.

To our old customers -- thank you for your continued patronage!

To our new customers -- Welcome!

Please check our updated "Authorized Dealers" page for our growing and most valued retail dealers in your area.

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Pam Herring & Marty Eisenberg
Herring Designs, LC

   Trademark note: SlabMat and HandBuilding  are trademarked names owned by Herring Designs, LC.  All appearances of the above names with or without italics and with or without the TM or tm superscript and all references to the  SlabMat TM and HandBuildingTM proprietary products in the literature of our authorized dealers are used only with the permission of Herring Designs, LC.  All other uses are prohibited unless the names are identified as "Trademarks owned by Herring Designs, LC (or Herring Designs, LLC)" or the equivalent.

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